#KickassPR Podcast
Are you frustrated with your results? Sick of losing clients? Don’t know how to compete with thousands of other self-proclaimed PR and marketing pros? Everyone hits speed bumps along the way, but it's the great ones that respond positively to adversity and overcome obstacles.

Join PR Guru, CEO, Founder & Reporter, Blair Nicole for the monthly #KickassPR Podcast!

In today’s digital world, everyone claims to know PR, but very few know the secret of getting real publicity, or how to leverage it. Enter Blair Nicole, CEO & founder of Media Moguls PR, media relations pro and sought-after business and travel reporter.

Learn how to get and keep clients, create compelling stories that sell, think like a journalist and, best of all, score coveted media placements for yourself and your clients.

Ready to turn leverage and influence into PR gold? Listen to the #KickassPR podcast!
Blair Nicole Podcast